I finally have my braces here after several consultations at other dental places. I trust Dr. Li for his advanced technique and boundless experience in this field. He follows up closely with my treatment and progress, and answered any questions I had. Also he makes flexible schedule for me at the weekend. Can’t wait to see my smile one day!

Smile Lee

The clinic is conveniently located in south Michigan Avenue, only blocks away from Chinatown. All equipment is brand new and the state of the art. Doctors are at their professional acme, and more importantly are courteous. Highly recommended!

Jinwen Ding

I am a pediatrician and collaborate daily with other medical providers. Dr. Yang was very professional and the most thorough dentist that I have ever been to. She is very knowledgeable in her field and carefully made recommendations for my complex dental needs. I highly recommend.

Diana Metropulos

Dr Yang spent more than hour to evaluate my complicated root canals done from various dentists. She is courteous and very knowledgeable.

Greta Soliman

I decided to see Dent Art after being with another dental provider in south loop for a few years. The experience has been very pleasant so far - Dr Yang is accessible, knowledgeable, and giving reasonable recommendations to my dental health, which are also the primary reasons why I decided to switch the dental care provider.


I cannot recommend Dr. Yang highly enough. She expertly guided me through the many complexities of my case and I needed her help! She is among the top prosthodontists in the US, but she also had restorative training (reshaping a bite for less wear and a more effective bite) in China and Germany, and is currently also a professor at UIC.

But what makes Dr Yang special is her kindness and sincere concern for the well-being of her patients. She takes the quality and depth of time required to deal with all of your needs concerning everything from emergency repairs of broken crowns to expertly crafting stents for implants. She takes time to work closely with my oral surgeon as well, going beyond the usual coordination.

She is a truly giving and caring dental expert who will make you feel comfortable and listened to. She has taken care of me throughout my wildly complex case and has worked generously with me through it all.

Sandy Houghton

You’re one step closer to achieving the smile you’ve always wanted!