Dr. Li has undergone extensive Orthodontics training in the art of restoring the function and aesthetics of teeth. His specialty treatments address a wide variety of dental issues, ensuring that you can receive the care you can eat better and smile brighter. Below are just some of the ways he can help.


Braces are an appliance that is used to correct the position of the teeth. The goal may be to make then straighter, reduce crowding, close up space, or get the bite from top to bottom and side to side to line up. Through their use, patients not only look better, but become healthier. This is because braces can resolve issues with eating, breathing, and speaking. They also bring the teeth into positions that are easier to clean.


Invisalign is an option for those who need to correct mild to moderate problems with their smile but do not consider braces to be an option. Usually, the reason people are averse to using braces are how they look. Invisalign resolves this issue with clear plastic aligners that fit snuggly against the teeth, rendering them invisible. Invisalign also offers other benefits, such as not needing to alter your diet, that make it quite appealing to patients.

Pitts 21 Self-Ligating System

For those who require the power of actual braces, Pitts 21 Self-Ligating System offer an alternative to traditional models. These braces are self-ligating, which means ties are not used. This allows the brackets to be smaller and makes the appliance as a whole less visible. The Pitts 21 System also offers greater percision and control with lighter forces for greater comfort and in many cases decreased treatment time. They are incredibly effective, making them a top choice for Orthodontists as well as patients.

You’re one step closer to achieving the smile you’ve always wanted!