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* Includes exam, S-rays, cleaning and treatment plan.
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★ 牙齿矫正:牙齿拥挤、地包天牙、牙齿不整齐等,提供弓丝矫正、隐形矫正
★ 牙病诊治:蛀牙、磨牙、紧咬牙、牙齿酸软无力、关节疼痛弹响,牙齿劈裂,牙齿缺失
★ 牙科手术:种植牙、牙冠、补牙、瓷贴面、义齿,等等
★ 牙齿护理:深度洗牙,牙齿保健免费咨询

雅美位于芝加哥South Loop,靠近市中心、中国城,中英文双语团队热情为您服务。雅美接受大多数牙科PPO保险,也接受无保险客户。欢迎联系!

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DentArt Chicago specializes in evidence-based advanced dentistry with a human touch. Modern technology, exceptional customer service, and comprehensive, patient-centered care: the DentArt way.

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I finally have my braces here after several consultations at other dental places. I trust Dr. Li for his advanced technique and boundless experience in this field. He follows up closely with my treatment and progress, and answered any questions I had. Also he makes flexible schedule for me at the weekend. Can’t wait to see my smile one day!

Smile Lee

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